Good Friday 2015

 Walk of Witness

Churches Together in Epsom produced a dramatization of Jesusí crucifixion and resurrection in Epsom on Good Friday. It was very much a team effort with actors, musicians, costume, technical and staging crew, administrative support and a team of stewards working together over several weeks.

The aim was to bring the narrative alive with dialogue, monologue and song. We met initially at Dulshott Green and then processed to the Market Square.

The trials, Jesusí agonised prayerful appeal to God and his subsequent betrayal and arrest were staged. The spectators became the crowd, who called for crucifixion as a response to statements of Jesus that showed a bias to the poor and called for sacrifice.

When Jesus, carrying his cross, and the crowd arrived in the middle of Epsom the crucifixion was represented. The soldiers mocked him, women he knew lamented the horror of his fate and the refrain Sometimes it causes me to Tremble and I Donít know How to Love Him  echoed the poignancy of his execution.  

A youth choir, Song Squad, sang an original song showing the uncertainty his friends must have felt when they found that the tomb was empty. The cast and crowd joined together to sing joyful hymns that spoke of the hope of resurrection.

John Warburton from Christ Church played the role of Jesus. Members of the Epsom churches joined with Ewell Council of Churches to provide a tent for quiet reflection, information, conversation and prayer in the Market Square until 1 o clock and the cross remained as a symbol of all that had been enacted there. There were hot cross buns as welcome refreshment provided by Epsom Methodist Church.

We were pleased that a large number of people were able to share in the drama and that rain that had been threatened earlier in the week largely held off. The churches are delighted that we are able to portray this testimony to the events of Good Friday and Easter.

It is good for the churches to have a chance to work together in a project that reaches out into the community.

Sue Curtis

Photographs by Yan Tan