Walk of Witness 2013 Rehearsals

 at Christ Church Epsom

I would love to involve as many people as possible in the procession, the gathering at the Council car park near the Fire Station and in the town centre.

My vision is to include monologues, mime, narration, dialogue and the use of symbolic actions.

I would like all who gather and walk to become part of the drama. When we meet in the car park we will recall Jesusí trial and then travel to the town centre, led by costumed actors including Christ carrying a cross.

The procession will become a 1st century crowd and I would like church people to lead in responding with a simple refrain. In the town centre we will dramatise the crucifixion including lifting the cross. There will be musical input including singing hymns.

Rev. Sue Curtis Producer

Photographs below with thanks to Yan Tan