Good Friday 6 th April 2012

Epsom Good Friday Walk of Witness

including Churches Together in Ewell

Christians from Epsom Churches were joined for the second year by Ewell Churches in the public celebration of Christ's death on the cross by a procession through Epsom High Street. Assembled at the Health Centre Car Park and accompanied by yellow-jacketed stewards and banners, the group was prayed for by Heather Cadoux, the URC Minister. 

The procession led by a large cross joined Church Street and with police in attendance and traffic halted turned into Epsom High Street, making their way to a short service held in the Market Place. One side of the marketplace was warm and sunny, the other side in shade. Paula Smith, Chair of Churches Together in Ewell welcomed churchgoers but also encouraged others in the town to join in. The hymn "Blessed Assurance" summed up the mood of expectancy - a church watching and waiting, looking above, yet filled with Christ's goodness, lost in his love. 

The love of Christ even on the cross was a central theme in the talk by Lynn Alsop of St Martin's who spoke about his last recorded words.   There was silence only broken by the sound of the nails being driven in was re-enacted and the cross carried at the head of the procession was then raised to a vertical position.   Jesus' concern was for those around him, his mother and his closest friend witnessing his agonising death.   His words to them shaped their new relationship.  Only shortly before he died did he speak of his thirst, his human need, but was able to declare "It is finished" as the work he had been sent to do was at last completed.   A reading from John 19 by Colin Holmes of Epsom Baptist Church told of the way in which even the specific details of the way in which the soldiers charged with carrying out the crucifixion divided his clothes had been accurately foretold. 

Isaac Watt's great hymn "When I survey the wondrous cross" was then sung.   His deep understanding of the significance of Christ's death and our inability to respond in an appropriate way to God's amazing love continues to challenge us.  As we see the blood flowing from the head, hands and feet of the Prince of Glory as he dies for our sins to bring us salvation, we look on with deep emotion. We possess no adequate response.

Father Simon Hall of St Joseph's Church prayed for the gathered company but also for the churches, community and civic leaders.   We sang the final hymn, "To God be the Glory" in thanksgiving for Christ's perfect redemption, his forgiveness to even those who commit the most heinous crimes and our expectant looking forward to meeting with Jesus. 

Nick Oborski of Epsom Methodist Church gave the blessing and invited the assembled company to refreshments at his church where the proceeds of donations would be given to Christian Aid.   A prayer tent remained in the marketplace until 3pm open to everyone providing opportunities for prayer. 

Chris Donohue

Photographs below with thanks to Yan Tan and Nishi Sharma

The procession forms up in the car park near the Fire Station at 10 am for prayers at

 10.10 and move off sharp at 10.15.

Prayers in the car park  Rev. Heather Cadoux, United Reformed Epsom & Ewell Churches

This photograph by Nishi Sharma

Welcome Paula Smith, Chair of Churches Together in Ewell

Prayers Father Simon Hall, St Josephs Catholic Church, Epsom

This photograph by Nishi Sharma

Talk Rev. Lynn Alsop, St Martins Church, Epsom

Reading Rev. Colin Holmes,  Epsom Baptist Church

Blessing Rev. Nick Oborski, Epsom Methodist Church

Our thanks to the Police who did a great job ensuring our safety from the traffic

After the service, refreshments are available at Epsom Methodist Church

Proceeds will be given to Christian Aid 

All welcome. Do join us!


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